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10 things that always drain your energy

Do you often feel tired, stressed out, and not motivated? Most people will blame the things around them, may it be people or the environment. The first step to take is, discovering what would be making you tired. Is your mindset clear enough? Check out 10 things that always drain your energy :


If you are a gossip, you keep on worrying that may be when you are not around your squad will talk about you.Gossip is very destructive to your brain.There is too much tension over things you could have prevented. It will cause confusion, misunderstanding, chaos, and hatred. Start surrounding yourself with people who talk of ideas , visions and not those who talk about other people.

2. Not living for today

Nobody knows about tomorrow. Live at the moment. Stressing yourself over the future will affect you tremendously. Start practicing to live each day at a time, and accomplishing one thing at a time. Have a daily plan it will bring you closer to your vision. Also, avoid sticking to your past.Positive habits to employ in your daily routine.

3.Taking things personally

If you keep minding what people say about you, you will never succeed. Whether you are good or bad human beings will always have something to say. Stop taking matters into your heart, be fair to yourself, and forgive yourself for any mistake you may have done. Learn to take lessons over any situation you go through.

4. Pleasing others

You always want to make others happy, even when you cannot afford to do so. Stop being a people’s pleaser, and no one can achieve to be a friend to everyone. Even Jesus himself had so many enemies. So do not be afraid of standing for the truth. Never mind what people will say about


5. Always on social media

If you are always maybe on Facebook, you might find yourself stressed out over so many things. Maybe there are people doing so well in life, and you may be feeling so stressed out that things are not working out for you. Too much social media consumption, will only end up draining your energy. Focus on doing more productive activities.

6. Sleeping late.

Sleep is an important factor in everyone’s life.Practice to take a rest as early as possible. Practice doing all the relaxation exercises in order for you to sleep early. Always make sure you set daily goals and make sure that you are productive throughout the day and in the evening you will be longing to sleep.

7.Having too much drama

Are you that person who loves to fuel drama? Too much drama, will always affect your brain, because all the time it concentrates on what will make you trigger drama. Therefor, you will not have room to think about other great factors in life, this will likely drain your energy.

8.Constantly complaining

There are people who can never get satisfied over anything. May it be in the work environment, they always have something negative to say over anything. If you brain concentrates on looking for what to complain about, you will not have the energy to do other things. Be positive at all times.

9. Overthinking

Many are the times that you find yourself complicating things. Be easy on yourself, not everything needs to be difficult.Life is how you take it, if you get too serious, and things do not go according to your expectation, you will always feel drained.

10.Being stressed

Over stressing on things will not solve your situation.All the time, you will always be thinking about something you cannot solve. Learn to let go of anything bothering you. Have faith that it shall come to pass. Employ all the positive techniques that makes you uncomfortable.

To sum up, we can say that to avoid draining your energy, you have to start with your mindset. Check carefully on what you invite in your life. Constantly look at ;10 things that always drain your energy and also (Here are 17 secret signs to watch for.)

By Brenda

I am a teacher, a counselor, and a freelancer.

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